Education City

Remote Learning

At Portway School we use education city to help facilitate our distance learning resources can support your distance learning needs. We can set work from home, and the students can learn at their own pace to fully understand the concepts they need. They can also engage with their classmates on PlayLive to foster cooperation and secure knowledge of key skills in English and Maths.


Why Education City?

There are many reasons why Education City is a great resource for learning. It offers good printable resources that can help reinforce what is being taught. Additionally, it has a cross-curricular scheme of work that provides a breadth of content, which can keep children interested and motivated. It is also a useful tool for children with special educational needs, as it allows them to work independently at times. 

Moreover, Education City is an excellent product that supports and enhances children's learning. It has engaging graphics and good linking to the National Curriculum. The programme meets our needs and provides us with a useful resource for revision and home learning. We highly recommend it to support learning in lessons.

Furthermore, Education City has recently undergone an upgrade, making it even better. Its sophisticated and powerful teaching technology works in harmony with educators to deliver teaching excellence, anytime and anywhere. It provides educators with rigorous assessments, actionable data and personalised learning for every student. With EducationCity, educators have insight into student progression anytime, anywhere. It offers adaptable student learning, both in and out of the classroom, as well as actionable data and performance-driven instruction. Ultimately, student growth is driven by measurable outcomes.


To discover the App, please click this link: Education City
For an easy-to-understand help guide, please click this link: Resources